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LIPA 4:19 Franchises

LIPA 4:19 children singingLIPA 4:19 is available as a franchise, offering you an opportunity to set up and run a LIPA 4:19 part-time performing arts academy in a location of your choice.

The franchise offers a tremendous opportunity for you to

  • join a respected and admired performing arts institution
  • have fun running your own business
  • enhance the lives and talents of young people through encouraging their creativity

The franchise allows you to use the LIPA 4:19 identity, curriculum and teaching methods to make the most of your business.

LIPA and the franchise

LIPA 4:19 is the only children’s performing arts franchise opportunity in the UK linked to an established performing arts institution – the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, co-founded by Sir Paul McCartney.

We want to take LIPA 4:19 to a wider market, and aim to provide uniform teaching standards to every LIPA 4:19 student in the UK and overseas.

To do this we are looking for people with a passion for the performing arts and a good head for business. Is this for you?

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