Auditions and interviews

If you're invited to an audition or interview, we aim to give you a sense of what it's like to be a student here and how we teach. This helps you to decide whether we are a good fit for you.

We'll send you guidelines a month beforehand to help you prepare. We understand that this can be a demanding time so you should read the guidelines carefully to make sure you're as comfortable as possible with this part of our application process. You can find example guidelines on each of the course pages.

The cost of attending an audition for Acting, Acting (Screen & Digital Media), MA Acting (Company) and Dance here is £40 in 2019/20. It may be subject to an increase for 2020/21 entry. There is no cost for attending auditions or interviews for our other courses.

We offer audition fee waivers and travel grants for applicants who come from areas where participation in Higher Education is traditionally low. All eligible candidates will be offered this automatically.

Audition and interview venues

For UK and EU applicants, all of our auditions and interviews are held here in Liverpool.

For applicants who live overseas, you are welcome to attend an audition or interview here, but we also hold a number of auditions and interviews outside the UK which may be nearer to you. Our International team will advise you on this. If you can't get to an overseas or Liverpool audition/interview, we may ask you to send a 'postal' audition/interview. In this case, we'll send you detailed guidance to help you with this.

After your audition/interview

We will contact you to inform you about our decision. For degree courses, this will be confirmed by UCAS. You can follow the progress of your application on the UCAS website. For Foundation Certificates, we will contact you directly.

There are four possible outcomes following an audition/interview for any of our courses:

  • An unconditional offer of a place
  • A conditional offer based on exam results or further assessed work
  • An offer of a place on a different course. For example, if you applied for a degree course, we may offer you a place on a related Foundation Certificate course or a four-year course which includes a Foundation Year
  • A notification that your application has been unsuccessful

Our decision will be final. Unfortunately, we do not supply feedback to unsuccessful candidates. In many cases, a lack of success is due to the level of competition for places, rather than a specific personal weakness.