International Student Enrolment & Orientation

Friday 16th September
To be attended by all new students from outside the UK, including students from Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

UK Student Enrolment

Sunday 18th September
To be attended by all new students from the UK.

All students

Induction week
Monday 19th September – Friday 23rd September

Weeks 1-12
Monday 26th September – Friday 16th December

Christmas Break
Monday 19th December – Friday 30th December

Teaching Hiatus*
Monday 2nd January – Friday 6th December

Weeks 13-25
Monday 9th January – Friday 7th April

Easter Break
Monday 10th April – Friday 21st April

Weeks 26 – 30
Monday 24th April – Friday 26th May 

Should assessment activity continue onto the Saturday at the end of a given term, students are expected to remain in attendance for this activity before leaving for their holidays.

The Teaching Hiatus* week is used by lecturers for marking, assessment and feedback related activities. There is not usually any teaching scheduled during this, however some assessment activities involving students may be scheduled during this time.