​Student complaints procedure

This procedure applies to currently registered students and recent former students. Where we use the term ‘student(s)’ in this procedure it will also include recent former students. This procedure covers all areas of our activity with the following exceptions for which there are separate policies and procedures:

  • Harassment and Bullying
  • Academic Appeals
  • Admissions 
  • Complaints relating to outside agencies or service providers

These policies and procedures are available for current students to view on our internal portal for students. 

Student Complaints Procedure

Admissions Policy 2020 Entry

Below you will find our Admissions Policy for 2020 entry, our Admissions Appeals and Complaints Procedure and our Admissions Appeals and Complaints Form. These cover our Higher Education programmes.

Our purpose is to provide learning for people who want lasting work in the arts and entertainment economy. We admit applicants fairly and transparently with a range of qualifications and experience.

We select suitable, applicants from all backgrounds, who demonstrate their potential to benefit from vocational learning at an HE level.

There is no discrimination against applicants meeting the minimum standards for entry on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic or national origin, marital or civil partnership status, family responsibility, disability, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, social background or age. We will make reasonable adjustments for people with access needs. Practices and procedures will be modified and evaluated to ensure that we are up to date with current admissions legislation and recommendations.

Since an applicant's suitability for a course may be demonstrated in many ways, we are flexible in our admissions assessment. In addition to educational qualifications, we assess applicants against six attributes, described in our prospectus.

We would like to interview or audition everyone who applies, but, due to the volume of applications, this isn't possible.

Applications for our undergraduate degree courses should be submitted to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Some undergraduate courses require our additional application form. The requirements are in our prospectus and on our website. Applications for our Foundation Certificate courses and postgraduate courses require direct application to us using our online portal.

2020 Admissions Policy

Policy statement on deferral requests from offer holders

2020 Admissions Appeals and Complaints Procedure

Admissions Appeals and Complaints Form

Access Agreements

Until September 2018, any university or college that wanted to charge tuition fees for home/EU undergraduates above the basic level of £6,000 needed to have an access agreement approved by the Director of Fair Access.

An access agreement sets out a university or college's fee limits and the access measures it intends to put in place e.g. outreach work and financial support.

You can find LIPA's Access Agreements for each year from 2015-16 onwards in the downloads below.

LIPA's Access Agreement for 2018-19

LIPA's Access Agreement for 2017-18 

LIPA's Access Agreement for 2016-17

LIPA's access agreement for 2015-16 

From September 2018, any university of college that wants to charge tuition fees for home/EU undergraduates above the basic level of £6000 for 2019-20 must have an Access and Participation plan that has been approved by the Office for Students. 

Click here to see LIPA's Access and Participation Plan for 2019-20 and for 2020-21 to 2024-25

OfS Student Protection Plan 

The Student Protection Plan explains how study opportunities and course provision for students is protected in the highly unlikely circumstances in which the viability of a programme is at risk.

You can find LIPA's Student Protection Plan for 2020-21 in the downloads below.

OfS Student Protection Plan 2020 for 2021 Entry

Student Transfer Arrangements 

The arrangements LIPA has in place for incoming and outgoing student transfer are explained  in the download below:

LIPA Student Transfer Arrangements

LIPA Greenbook

This version of our Greenbook contains key guidance for students who started here in 2020-21. It is effectively, our student handbook. A link to a slightly more detailed version is supplied to students each year when they enrol. We provide it here for prospective students to help them familiarise themselves with some of our key principles and practices and  what to expect when they join us.

Green Book 2020-21