Applying for our funds is competitive, and operates in the same way as applying to other funding bodies. Although our funds can offer significant financial support, we also encourage you to find additional funding and can help you complete funding applications.

Show Fund

This fund is intended to support a one-off show, event or project. All current students and graduates within one year of leaving are eligible to apply for a grant or loan between £300 to £900.

Show Fund: Edinburgh

Similar to the standard Show Fund, this supports students and recent graduates who want to take shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Up to £1,200 is available to contribute towards venue hire costs.

First Year Out Fund

For students in their final year and graduates within one year of leaving, this fund helps those who want to start their own business in the UK. Between £500 and £1,500 is available as a grant or loan.

Graduate Business Development Fund

This fund follows on from the First Year Out Fund and is open to those who graduated between one and three years ago. Typically, this fund offers £1,000 to support an ongoing UK business which has been started by one of our graduates.

Sponsorship Fund

Established graduate companies are eligible to apply for our sponsorship fund if there will be suitable opportunities to promote our involvement in their activities. Graduates whose businesses have been running productively for at least three years can apply for this fund which offers £5,000 spread over three years or more.