Fees and funding for 2017 entry

Tuition fees for 2017 entry for UK/EU degree students

For 2017 entry, we are intending to charge a tuition fee of £9,250 a year for UK/EU full-time undergraduates starting degree courses in 2017, rather than £9,000 a year.

This is subject to approval from the Government that we meet the criteria in the Teaching Excellence Framework. We anticipate that many universities will be charging the £9,250 fee in 2017. In our case, the decision to charge the inflationary increase is necessary because it reflects the fact that our practical courses are high cost and resource intensive (human and facilities) and designed so students can start professional work promptly. It may also be subject to modest inflationary increases in future years.

Whether it is a fee of £9,000 or £9,250, we appreciate that this is a big investment but it’s important to remember that you do not have to pay this money upfront when you enrol at LIPA.

Most full-time students will be able to take out a tuition fee loan for each year of their course. This loan is not means-tested which means that your household income will not affect whether you get it or not. You don’t have to start paying your loan back until the April after you leave LIPA and even then only if you are working and earning more than a particular earning threshold – currently set at £21,000 a year. Your monthly repayment will be a small percentage of your income so it should seem affordable.

Your tuition fee loan covers all your tuition costs and will be paid directly to LIPA. This means you only have to budget for your living costs.

Financial support for cost of living expenses for UK degree students

Maintenance Loans are available to help with your cost of living, such as rent, food, books, travel and other expenses while you’re studying.

From 2016/17 new full-time students no longer qualify for a maintenance grant. Instead, they may qualify for an increased maintenance loan. For eligible students joining us in September 2017, the maximum maintenance loan will be £8,430 for students living away from home. For eligible students joining us in September 2017 that live at home, the maximum loan will be £7,097.

Students will still be able to apply for some grants if they’re eligible for certain benefits, disabled or need help with childcare costs

Information for Students from England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland

You should be eligible for a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan provided that you have been ordinarily resident in the UK for the five years immediately before starting the course and that you have ‘settled status’ in the UK (meaning you live permanently in the UK without the Home Office placing any restrictions on how long you stay), and that you have not studied a Higher Education course before (e.g. an HND/HNC or part or all of a degree course). If you already hold an honours degree, or another qualification at the same level, you will not qualify for the tuition fee loan or support to cover your living expenses. If you hold an HND or HNC qualification and you are offered a place on one of our degree programmes, this could, but does not always, impact on your eligibility to receive funding for the full duration of your course and we would recommend that you speak to your relevant Student Finance provider to discuss what you may be entitled to receive. Provided you are eligible for a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan, you may also be eligible for various bursaries and grants, which do not have to be repaid.

When completing your funding application, you must have correctly filled out and submitted your application to Student Finance England for a loan and must also make sure that you and your parent/guardian have given your consent to share the information with us.

Students living in England

To find more information about student finance please visit www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance

The fastest and easiest way to apply is online at www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance

Student Finance England provides the service for online applications in 2017. If you apply online for the parts of the finance package that depend on household income, your parent or partner can support your application by supplying their financial information online. If you prefer to apply on paper, using form PN1, you may be asked to provide evidence of your household income for a specific year with your application. Please read the information and guidelines carefully!

Deadline for applications

You need to fill in and submit your application for student finance by 26th May 2017 to be sure you have your money when you start your course. 

Students living in Wales

You can apply either online through www.studentfinancewales.co.uk or using a paper application form.

You can obtain further information from your Local Authority (LA) or by going to www.studentfinancewales.co.uk. Whether you apply on paper or online, you will be required to submit certain pieces of evidence to your LA and these will be detailed on your application. If you fail to provide the information requested, payment of your student support will be delayed.

Deadline for applications

New students must submit applications for student finance by 12th May 2017 to ensure that the funding is in place for the start of the September.

Students living in Northern Ireland

You can apply online through www.studentfinanceni.co.uk or using a paper application form, either obtained online or by asking for Form PN1 and accompanying guidance from your Education and Library Board (ELB).

Deadline for applications

To make sure you receive your first payment at the start of term, you must apply for funding and provide all of the evidence to Student Finance NI by 7th April 2017. If you apply for funding after the deadline date has passed, your first payment may not be ready for the start of term. 

Students living in Scotland

A Tuition Fee Loan is available, together with a range of other loans and bursaries if you are studying outside Scotland. These are outlined in detail at www.saas.gov.uk

Deadline for application

To ensure your funding is in place for the start of your course, you should submit a correctly completed application online to SAAS. The deadline for this is likely to be 30 June 2017, but you should check this at www.saas.gov.uk

EU students

If you are from an EU country outside the UK you may be eligible to take out a tuition fee loan but are unlikely to be able to take out a maintenance loan. You should check your eligibility by visiting https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-student-finance. Broadly speaking, to qualify for a Tuition Fee Loan you must be an EU national or the family member of an EU national and you must not have studied a Higher Education course before (e.g. an HND/HNC or part /all of a degree course). If you already hold an honours degree, or another qualification at the same level, you will not qualify for the tuition fee loan. Some EU students may also be eligible to apply for additional financial support. To find out more please visit https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-student-finance.

How to obtain the EU17N form

The EU15N form should be available from April 2017 and can be downloaded at: https://www.gov.uk/student-finance-forms/y/eu-full-time/year-1718/new-student

LIPA bursaries for 2017 entry

Our LIPA Bursary provides a cash award in each year that eligible students study with us.

In 2017, we plan to offer a LIPA bursary of *£525 to all of our students from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who can demonstrate to us that they are in receipt of the full maintenance loan allowance. Anyone who can demonstrate this, should receive a bursary of £525 in February of each year of their studies, provided they are still in attendance.

*The £525 bursary is dependent on us charging a £9,250 tuition fee.

LIPA’s Care Leavers bursary

We also offer an annual £1,000 Care Leaver bursary to UK students who are under 25 and who can demonstrate that they have been in care prior to their 16th birthday for a period of six months or more. This bursary is offered in recognition that care leavers may need assistance towards their accommodation costs for vacation periods. Bursaries are awarded to qualifying full-time UK undergraduates for each year of their course of study with us subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Audition fee waiver and travel grants

We hold around 60 audition/interview events per year on our own premises. We automatically offer audition fee waivers and travel grants to UK applicants invited to audition/interview, who we identify as being from areas where participation in Higher Education is traditionally low. We are able to identify eligible applicants based on postcode data.

Frequently Asked Questions - Audtion fee waivers and travel grants 2017 entry

Tuition fees for 2017 entry for international degree students

The international tuition fee for 2017 entry will be £15,200. We request a 25% deposit of the tuition fee, which is payable by the end of May 2017, depending on the date of your offer. The remaining tuition fee is payable online two weeks before the start of the teaching year in September. Depending on your funding arrangements, an instalment agreement may be available. Terms and conditions are provided on the LIPA application form. For 2017 entry, students residing in the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey are classified as 'international students' for fee purposes.

Tuition fees for 2017 for Foundation Certificates

For 2017 entry, the tuition fee for these courses is £9,000. We do not receive any funding from the government for providing the Foundation Certificate courses, so (regardless of nationality) you have to pay these tuition fees and your living costs and will be unable to get loans or grants from the UK government to cover either of these. We request a 25% deposit of the tuition fee, which is payable by the end of May 2017, depending on the date of your offer. This is paid online. The remaining tuition fee is also payable online two weeks before the start of the teaching year in September. Depending on your funding arrangements, an instalment agreement may be available. Terms and conditions are provided on the LIPA application form.

Free places for UK students on Foundation Certificate courses

LIPA intends to offer up to two free places on each Foundation Certificate programme for 2017/18. This means that each student who receives a free place does not have to pay the £9,000 tuition fee, although they do have to pay a £500 security deposit refunded following successful completion and passing of the course.

As our Foundation Certificate courses are not eligible for Government support, students who receive our free places will still need to pay for their living costs themselves. They will not be eligible to take out student loans or grants from the Government to cover these costs. We will therefore also provide a contribution towards living costs of £3,000. Although living costs are very personal as a rule of thumb we usually recommend candidates allow between £6,500 and £7,200 to cover their living costs including accommodation costs.

To be eligible you must:

  • have a declared household residual income of £25,000 or less;
  • be a UK student (i.e. your permanent registered home address must be in the UK);
  • be interested in applying to study for a degree at LIPA in 2018/19;
  • not have already undertaken a higher education degree or postgraduate qualification;
  • be from a neighbourhood where participation in HE is low and/or from a lower socio-economic group;
  • be able to fund your remaining cost of living expenses for the duration of the course at LIPA.

***Meeting the criteria does not guarantee you an award.***

We anticipate having more eligible applicants than free places available. In order to allocate the awards we will also evaluate applicants’ potential to progress on to study a degree here. Our judgement of your potential is based on our assessment of your current abilities at audition and our understanding of your achievements and track record to date (as evidenced on your application form). The highest ranking eligible applicants will be offered the free places. We reserve the right not to offer free places, if we decide that the standard of applicants is not high enough in any given year of operating the scheme. Students need to complete a Foundation Certificate Free Place Application Form 2017-18 and submit this with appropriate supporting evidence and their £500 deposit by 31st May 2017 (this is refundable on successfully completing and passing the course). We post this form to all students that are offered a place on our Foundation courses and it is also available upon request from our Admissions office.  

To find out more about Student Finance, visit https://www.gov.uk/student-finance